1. ***bargain sale***

    selling some things for various reasons

    there are also some intangible offers that i will accept payment for

    if u want to buy something, send me an email at margauxzlee[at]gmail[.]com stating:

    1) what u want to buy

    2) name & address (gta make sure im not gna have to pay crazy ass shipping fees because **shipping is included in these prices**… if ur shipping fees are insane we are gna have to discuss)

    3) any other notes/instructions/requests (example: ‘please slice your finger open and put droplets of blood on the inside cover of the book’, etc)

    once i get ur email, i will confirm with u that i will not to sell it to someone else, then u will send money to my paypal (mzl8[at]optonline[.]net), then i will see that u have done this, and then i will send it to u in a very timely manner, the end

    *for offers which do not require physical mailing, email is not necessary, just put a note when u do paypal that says which thing you are sending money for (and include either your phone number or email address depending on your selection)


    headphones: $25: sennheiser somethings, see a bunch of used ones selling online for around $40, why would u buy used headphones from someone u dont trust, u can trust me, these are in great condition, i just never use them anymore because i have my own room now vs the dorm room that u can see me wearing them in (picture below). also provided is a picture of me wearing them in a panera in princeton, nj about a year ago. cool!!




    keep this bag away from children issue 1 (2 1 available): $6 each: there are only ~30 copies left of this first issue (check out keepthisbagawayfromchildren.com, good deals in the store there &&& they have a really nice tshirt on sale now) but yea, buy these two from me.  i will take the editor-in-chief of the magazine out for a cheap lunch with the money u pay for this. anyway its a sweet magazine, has a nice ass cover, my personal favorite piece in it is by crispin best, u should buy this and read it, i have 3 copies, so 2 to spare


    books/assorted lit stuff:

    • vessel by brett gallagher, $3
    • [chat excerpts] by stacey teague & spencer madsen, $3
    • the romantic by poncho peligroso, $4
    • selected unpublished blog posts of a mexican panda express employee by megan boyle, $5
    • this drawing from tao lin, $3drawing


    dress: $10:dress

    hats: $5 each: one of these is a ‘shady ltd’ hat, i think i stole it from my dad.  another is a furry hat with ears on it, not sure what animal it is supposed to resemble, my 90something year old great-great-aunt bought this for me for xmas, another is a regular blue/green hat, and another is like fuzzy on inside with flaps idk just look at the picture hats

    movie: shoplifting from american apparel: $5

    week of singing voicemails (unlimited availability): $2 or more: heres an offer, i will call u once a day for a week and leave you a voicemail in which i sing an entire song with true effort.  so like, u see my number come up and you dont pick up, so i can leave a voicemail.  another option is u just pick up and dont say anything and i sing and then hang up.  you can place requests for certain songs, or i can just choose.  ALSO if u are not in america, i’d be down to download some app that would let me leave u voicemails, theres an app like that right, u tell me

    unedited video of me ugly-crying from april 2012 (unlimited availability): $2 or more: i have a photobooth video of myself crying, wanted to see what i looked like when i cried with no inhibitions, its pretty bad/embarrassing/sad/funny that this exists

    watch: $8: pretty nice watch, relic brand, looks/works like brand newwatch

    unfinished (only 52 seconds in length) lizzie mcguire movie opening track remake video starring me as lizzie mcguire: $2


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